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Pixel Sense


On the Pixel Sense team, I was responsible for integration and authoring of XAML code & interaction design to create applications and SDK controls for use on the innovative multi-touch platform. Working in conjunction with developers I shipped the pilot applications, R2 SDK, and Windows 7 touchpak for pixel sense.

Skills demonstrated: Interaction Design, Visual Design, SW Prototyping, Patent filing, Research &  Publication

The R2 SDK controls. These shipped to every developer building surface UI. I partnered with  Dane Storrusten

I partnered with two amazing designers; Nicole Coddington and Dane Storrustsen to deliver the photos app and SDK. Above are three main controls I built to afford interactions and content management in the application. The Pod and Bar were adopted into the SDK in subsequent releases. 

These are a few examples of interaction specs for the above controls.

The Windows 7 Touchpak Photos App

On the Pixel Sense team I worked with a team of designers and developers to create a photo collage app for the windows 7 touchpak release. Pictured below are photo borders I designed and implemented using XAML & C# for the Collage application.

And of course some print design

While working on the Pixel Sense team I created various print collateral for venue kits, and events. I created the graphics and designed the layout etc. 

Defining the future

I partnered with Daniel Wigdor et al, to design and deliver UI for Surface that would enable users to interact more effectively with the device. 

We created, patented, published and launched a feature for surface called "Ripples" that provides visual feedback from the system when a user interacts with it.


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