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Cloud Billing


Cloud Billing enables customers to forecast & understand their spend across Google Cloud resources. As the UX manager of the team I partnered with each team member to deliver results that supported the product team roadmap. I set goals across the UX team and helped each individual drive to and accomplish their goals; Thereby accomplishing my larger goals for the Cloud Billing UX team affectionately known as "BUX". 

Skills demonstrated: UX Management, Interaction Design, SW Prototyping, Research, Business Rationale and Consensus Building, Roadmap Development & Product Planning, Storytelling & Evangelizing, Sprintmastering, Mission, Vision & Value Proposition Creation, Research and User Testing, Mentoring.

The Cloud Billing UI. The BUX team is responsible for all the UI and supporting interactions across this surface. 15 UI surfaces at a glance. I supported the team in delivering this content as well as individually contributed to multiple projects. 

Product principles helped rally the team around specific actionable customer needs. I partnered with two of the lead designers on BUX to deliver & run the workshop for Billing Principles.  I then used those principles in stakeholder decks and presentations so the product team and stakeholders across Engineering and Development would rally behind these well defined and agreed to principles.



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